Empowering The Reforestation Movement

"A future with more forests is key to the resilience of our planet"

Sir David Attenborough

Our Mission

The Reforestation Fund was created to help bring native forest back to New Zealand.

Before humans arrived in Aotearoa, most of the land was covered in forest. Fast forward to today, and we have less than half of the forest that once blanketed the country.

We partner with ethical brands to help bring about positive environmental change.

Projects We're Supporting

Money that is contributed to The Reforestation Fund is passed on to high impact environmental projects.

We specifically focus funding activities that fall into two categories:

1. Planting native trees in important areas such as riversides and wetlands.
2. Supporting community groups and charities that look after our existing forests and wildlife.

Our Sponsors

We partner with brands that care about bringing positive change to the environment.

Our sponsors support us with a transactional giving model. In other words, every time they sell a product, a small amount is contributed to The Reforestation Fund.

50 cents from every product sold by Mānuka Essentials and Mānuka Sensations is donated to The Reforestation Fund.

To find out more about becoming a sponsor, please contact us at

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